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Joseph, No Ordinary Joe

As we've studied through Genesis, people often have a hard time interpreting or misunderstanding God's choice of people, why he chooses one over another, and that's what's going to happen now here in the case of the hero that's going to enter center stage for the rest of the book of Genesis 37-50.

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Jacob: Wrestled with God and Man

Welcome to another podcast of Rizen Fellowship. We're delighted that you joined us and we hope you're enjoying the study as we go through Genesis. So far, we've looked at the first division of Genesis. In Genesis chapter one through 11, we saw four great events. Now, we've moved into the second division. We're looking at from chapter 12 all the way through chapter 50, and focusing on four great men.

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Isaac: Here Comes the Bride

Welcome to another podcast of Rizen Fellowship. We're glad you're here and we're going through the book of Genesis. We've already studied the first 11 chapters, which is the first section of the book talking about the four great advance of the creation; the fall of man, the flood of Noah, and the rebellion at Babel. Now, we're into the second portion of the book, the second division of the book and that's Chapter 12 through chapter 50, and that's about four great man. We looked at Abraham last week as the first Greg person. Now, we go to his son, Isaac as the second great person.

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